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Campaigns and project (ongoing or funded)

Aldabra - The Seychelles
(Slideshow of the expedition is here)

From 13th October to 3d November 2022 - 58 colonies / 21 species
Collaboration agreement with the Seychelles Islands Foundation

Aldabra Team:

Didier Zoccola (CSM)
Bruno Piguet (Musée Océanographique de Monaco), Maureen Midol (Océanopolis)
Katia Quéméré (Océanopolis), Silvia Vimercati (KAUST)

Pangatalan - The Philippines
(Slideshow of the expedition is here)

From 3d April to 14th April 2023 - Coral census - Team: Silvia Vimercati (KAUST) and Didier Zoccola (CSM)
Coral collection postponed to 2024


From 18th July to 20th August 2023 - Technical support for saving endemic brain coral, Ctenella chagius.
Team: Christophe Cavelli (Musée Océanographique de Monaco)