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Welcome to the Cnidarian Barcoding Project!

Campaigns and project (ongoing or funded)


The Levant cnidarians (A. Karahan, J. Douek, G. Paz, B. Rinkevich)


Octocorals of Palau (Dr. C. McFadden)
Octocorals of South Africa (Dr. C. McFadden)
Alcyoniids of Taiwan (Dr. C. McFadden and Dr. Y. Benayahu)
Xeniids of the Red Sea and Indonesia (Dr. C. McFadden)
Octocorals from the Kumejima expedition 2009, Japan (Dr. A. Baco and Dr. F Sinniger; collaborators: Dr. M. Nonaka; Dr. T. Naruse)
A comparison of genetic variation to morphological species designations in the Primnoid Octocoral genus Narella (Dr. A. Baco and Dr. S. Cairns)
A comparison of genetic variation to morphological species designations in the octocoral family Paragorgiidae (Dr. A. Baco and Dr. J. Sanchez)


Molecular delimitation of species using haplowebs and the mutual allelic exclusivity criterion (Dr. JF. Flot)
CORALCAL4 (New Caledonian scleractinia) (Dr. F. Benzoni and IRD)
Tara Oceans Expedition (Dr. F. Benzoni and EMBL)
Yemen Biodiversity Project (Dr. F. Benzoni and Total)
Mesophotic corals in Okinawa (Dr. F. Sinniger)
Hermatypic corals from Eilat, Israel (M. Yerushalmy, J. Douek, G. Paz, B. Rinkevich)


Zoanthids of Singapore and Taiwan (Dr. JD. Reimer)
Zoanthids of Okinawa (Dr. JD. Reimer and Dr. F. Sinniger)
New Caledonian zoanthids (Dr. F. Sinniger)
Pacific seamount zoanthids (Dr. F. Sinniger, Dr. A. Baco and Dr. D. Tracey)
Zoanthids of the Galapagos (Dr. JD. Reimer)

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