Welcome to the CnidBar, Cnidarian Barcoding Database!

The CnidBar is intended as a service to the scientific community,
and as such critically depending on the data YOU submit.
The CnidBar currently provides two categories of data:
  • REFERENCE: records from described species with a full taxonomic description, DNA signature sequence(s), and verification of voucher material by a recognized taxonomic expert.
  • SUBMITTED: records from described species that either lack full taxonomic description or verification by a taxonomic expert, or DNA signature sequences from as yet undescribed and unverified species. We strongly suggest using those records only for comparative purposes and NOT for species identification.
You can search below either in the two categories separately, or across both (option: all).
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If you wish to submit data to the Cnidarian Barcoding Database, you are most
welcome to do so. Please follow these guidelines, use this template and send
it, with any pending questions, to a member of the committee.

The database structure and layout was generously provided by the Sponge Barcoding Project